Flower Power – How Plants and the Human Brain Interact

November 13,

“Maintaining a connection to nature, either through the presence of indoor plants or artwork depicting the natural environment, has been shown to decrease stress levels and stimulate healing. Newly published research suggests it may also make us better people.”

– An excerpt from Immersion In Nature Makes Us Nicer – Pacific Standard Magazine

The human mind is a vast and beautiful thing. Researchers for hundreds of years have mapped and explored the human brain to understand the thought process, disabilities and other aspects of the human realm. They have been able to conclude that certain stimuli have certain effects on the human mind, and one of these stimuli include flowers and their color and smell.

In an article written by Dr. Jonathan S. Kaplan regarding several experimental studies, it was found that the presence of plants in various settings (offices, hospitals, schools, etc.) attributed to the following benefits:

  • Lower systolic blood pressure
  • Improved reaction times
  • Increased attentiveness
  • Improved attendance
  • Raise productivity
  • Improved well-being
  • Improved perceptions of the space
  • Lower levels of anxiety during recovery from surgery
  • Raised job satisfaction

In a 2005 study at Rutgers University, one of the most surprising studies concluded that flowers increased social interaction between people. When one thinks about it, the act of giving and receiving flowers in 99% of cases results in a good feeling, and a smile – which is a positive emotion. The presence of flowers at events such as weddings and celebrations – even funerals – bring emotions to people and show that flowers evoke brain activity. After receiving flowers, subjects were less anxious, depressed, or agitated when they went about their day – which also shows a lasting result due to exposure to flowers and plant life.
Whether it is color, smell, or the unseen benefits of a floral presence in one’s life – all things point to positive when it comes to the human brain and introduction of plant life. For more information and detail on these studies, visit the article we previously mentioned in Pacific Standard Magazine by clicking HERE.

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