Holiday Spotlight: Hanukkah Blooms Bright

November 25,

Let the gift of flowers shine! The Festival of Lights is a holiday of rejoicing for the Jewish community. It is a celebration of miracles, faith, and the beauty of belief. Families gather and dine on traditional Hebrew dishes while trading small gifts, playing games and marking each night of the celebration with a lighting of an additional candle on the menorah. In 2016, Hanukkah will be celebrated Dec.6-14th, and there are some great flower ideas that any Jewish home will appreciate if you are planning on joining in on the festivities.

The standard colors for Hanukkah are blue and white (which symbolize the Israeli flag) and following this color scheme is one way to choose a floral option you’d wish to use for an arrangement. Dyed roses are a simple go to, and it is not uncommon to see entire bouquets of blue and white roses in a Jewish family’s home during Hanukkah. For those who want to add something a little more exotic to a floral arrangement for the Festival of Lights, a combination of white Alstroemeria (commonly referred to as the Peruvian lily or “Lily of the Incas”) or white orchids with the blues of hydrangea, belladonna, and delphinium. (We suggest doing a little research, as, during the winter months, it may take more time or be a bit more expensive to obtain a naturally occurring blue flower, versus dying them.)

If you are planning on hosting a Hanukkah celebration or dinner, a table setting is a must. If the suggestions above aren’t something you are too savvy to, incorporating floating candles (it IS the Festival of Lights), aromatic eucalyptus, white baby’s breath or cream/white poinsettia will add a special touch to your holiday celebration and add a luxurious look to your setting. Add some sparkle with white glittered pinecones, holly berries, or color-coordinated ribbon for an added touch of shine. You can also experiment with the linens and glassware you will be using during your celebration. Above is a great example from HGTV.

Giving fresh flowers during the holidays is a wonderful way to show the giving spirit. Not only will your gift brighten someone’s holiday, but it will be part of the enjoyment shared by everyone taking part in the celebrations.

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