Lights, Camera, Action! Event Lighting Explained

December 10,

Understanding some of the different types of event lighting that are utilized for an event is important. Event lighting helps achieve an overall mood and feel. While some venues cover the lighting aspects for an event, having the knowledge of the lighting basics is important to establish the proper look and feel, as well as to convey optimal direction to a venue or planner to ensure everything is set up correctly. So… what is so crazy about asking a venue to set up a few lights? Most people are surprised to learn about the many options of lighting used at an event. Lighting costs may vary depending on things such as the length of an event, distance of travel, venue, theme, etc. A number of aspects go into the exact pricing for an event.

Event Lighting 101

Centerpiece Lighting

Centerpiece lighting will highlight the main aspects of the event decor, which gives a dynamic and glamorous look to the focal decor on a table or area.

Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting adds a personalized and pretty effect to a dance floor, the wall behind the bride and groom, or on the entrance to the reception space.

Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot lighting focuses narrow beams of light at specific objects in order to highlight them. This is a good option if an elegant, yet dynamic look is intended. Centerpieces, the wedding cake, or a buffet table are all places pinspot lighting is useful.


Uplighting is an ambient light that is placed around the perimeter of your event space. The light is generally aimed up the wall and toward the ceiling to create a warm glow over the event space.

Other types of event lighting, such as texture lighting, add an extra pop of design to an otherwise empty space. View some of the various examples of lighting options Here.

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