Unique Guestbook Ideas

January 25,

Being invited to a wedding is a beautiful gesture. It means the bride and groom consider you to be an influential piece of their lives and want to include you, amongst other close friends and family, in their special day. Weddings go by quickly, and while pictures are a must – another way to capture mementos of love from guests is through the use of a guestbook.

There are some out-of-the-box ideas on how to create something more dynamic than a book of guest names. The wonderful thing about these ideas is that they can fit into a theme, based on the overall look and feel of the wedding reception.


Wood-burnt pieces are a beautiful and natural way to include snippets of love from guests. Have one side wood-burnt with initials, the date of the wedding, etc. and put them into a clear, decorative vessel. At the reception, include a note with some fine tip Sharpies™ or other permanent markers and encourage guests to write their names or a small message.

Coastal or Nature-Inspired

Growing old together hand in hand while watching the sun dip below the water or mountains is a beautiful thought for a couple planning to spend a wonderful life together. This idea of incorporating His and Hers Adirondack chairs into a “guestbook” idea is a great way to remember a wedding day and include the well-wishes and names of loved ones for many, many years as a couple builds their lives together.


An artistic and modern take on a guestbook, this butterfly inspired piece allows guests to leave their name and message on a butterfly cutout, which will ultimately join other butterflies in a beautiful, multi-dimensional piece of art. It can then be displayed in the newlyweds’ home as a reminder of the love they share and those who support them as husband and wife.

Traditional Guestbook

There are many different ways to allow guests to contribute to your wedding day in other creative ways than just within the pages of a book. However, for those who decide to travel the traditional route of an actual guestbook, looking at different ways to design or incorporate a custom-made or decorated cover will give an extra touch of something special and one of a kind to the guestbook.

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