We understand that each couple has their own individualized visions and financial budgets. Additionally, it is important to understand that factors such as labor, logistics, seasonal florals/availability, etc. come into play in terms of overall wedding or eventtotals/prices. Considering this information, we have created a Budget Calculator for your convenience. This tool is a generic source to calculate average prices.

Upon discussing your visions together, one of our designers will then create a customized design template for you. The overall step-by-step process & details are personalized to the individualized visions and ideas for our couples. We genuinely love helping to create custom design plans for your big day!

We know that the circumstances in the world today are unfortunately very unpredictable, particularly due to COVID-19 and the corresponding postponements of events and weddings from previous years. Regardless, we generally recommend booking your florist approximately 9-12 months in advance, if feasible. Many florists commonly take only one wedding per day, so weekend dates generally get booked quickly.


You can reserve your date with a 25% initial deposit; second 25% payment is due 60 days later (or this can be paid simultaneously with the first payment). The balance is due 7business days before the wedding. Individual payment plans are available per request.


Your first deposit/reservation fee is not refundable. All other payments are refundable in a form of Store Credit and/or cash value depending on the circumstances (please see “Payment Policy”).