Custom designed Art Installations open up a world of possibilities. Whether it is exquisite entrance décor or elaborate place card table design, a defining work of art will leave an unforgettable impression. Spark excitement with two giant palm trees flanking the entranceway or fill the empty space above the dance floor by hanging a pair of giant white doves. Amaze your guests with an eight-foot tall Eiffel Tower on an escort card table or enhance the desert table with a two-foot tall floral pineapple. Art installations are meant for the “wow” effect to draw attention and create a focal point. Every detail is meticulously designed, planned out, fabricated, and installed, with intense precision and care. The Flowerful Events team is the exquisite craftsmen behind Kristina Valdmaa Designs, Wedding Planners, and Event Designers. These titans of the event world challenge us to work with new materials and techniques in order to create elaborate sculptures and beautiful masterpieces throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


One of the most important décor decisions of your event is the floral design. Each flower bloom speaks volumes with specific colors, shapes, textures and sizes. A large tall arrangement of draping phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids or a backdrop of thousands of different types of roses– Let your imagination run wild!

Scale & Size

Large displays and centerpieces draw attention, pull focus, and can add a grandiose ambiance to the room. Whether tall or low, a floral structure can be tight and rigid or have a loose, organic, flowing look. A five-foot high floral jellyfish is an example of a tight rigid display, whereas a chuppah covered in baby’s breath is more loose and organic.


Color is also imperative in creating a floral design. There are specific meanings behind every color. Soft pastels whisper sophistication and serenity; bright, bold reds and oranges, scream passion and desire. Depending on the season, flowers are available in practically every shade and hue in the spectrum; therefore when it comes to floral design, the color palette options are endless.


Themes can be very specific such as Caribbean Island or as vague as antique, and tie all of the design elements together. Palm trees, a floral pineapple, and mango callas in coconut vases all add to the island feeling, whereas succulents, garden roses, trailing jasmine, and dusty miller would be used in an antique setting.


Floral design, linens, napkins, and charger plates are all essential in creating a unified tabletop design. The light pink and peach Hawaiian flowers alongside the ripple effect of the aqua linens and coral reef chargers provide a cohesive island feeling.

Choose a runner, overlay, or linen in any of myriad of colors and textures to complete your table scape. Napkins can match the linens or be used as an accent color. Please visit our Virtual Design Center to choose linens, napkins, table runners, overlays, and charger plates.

See how all of your design choices come together in a complimentary prototype. A few months before your event, we will set up the tabletop design, complete with centerpieces, linens, napkins, and charger plates to make sure that the entire tabletop design is absolutely perfect before the big day.


Your event stage design provides a luxurious way of highlighting the theme and setting the tone of an event. In a wedding ceremony, whether religious or secular, the staging can be a structure such as an arch, canopy, chuppah, or mandap. For your reception, complete your stage design with custom bars, lounge furniture, or elaborate centerpieces. If we do not have it, we will build it.

Do dot quench your inspiration and your imagination: do not become the slave of your model.

Vincent Van Gogh

We can fabricate any type of bars, centerpieces or exquisite floral sculpture. Our in-house fabricators, designers, and engineers– all artists in their own trade– work with a diverse selection of high quality materials (wood, glass, metal, fabric, and acrylic) and the latest technology in AutoCAD and CNC routing. While incorporating new technological advances, we promise to produce the most exceptional work possible.


Misused event lighting design can make everything seem drab. A perfect art installation seems washed out or faded if the light is too bright; if too dim, the exquisite details are not seen. White flowers turn lavender under purple lights and blue linens turn brown under bright pink lights.

Our Lighting Designers uses the most high-end, state of the art fixtures and know that the primary concern of lighting is visibility, which is more than intensity or brightness. Up lighting creates a dramatic ambiance, whereas pin spots selectively illuminate special moments like reception tables, floral, entrances, first dances, cake cutting with warm white pools of light. Outdoor tent lighting will create a gorgeous canopy of light at your next tented event!

Event lighting provides a unique way of highlighting focal décor and setting the tone of the event to create the perfect environment that matches your vision.


In order to do a complete transformation of your event space, think of your event space as an empty Broadway theater and Flowerful Events as the production company. Broadway theaters are empty shells: there are no sets, lights, or costumes. The production company installs everything in the theater: loading in the thousands of lighting fixtures, complex scenic pieces making sure everything is perfect. Event spaces are practically the same process. All of the scenery and lighting for each event is set up and installed but, once the event is over, everything is loaded out and the venue remains a blank shell for the next event.

Whether your event is taking place at a hotel, country club, house of worship, or banquet hall, there are many ways to make a complete transformation. Installing drapery is an elegant way to make a large space more intimate, soften a cold space, or cover up walls and windows This technique can also be used to cover up service and freight entrances, a caterer’s staging area or existing decor that doesn’t fit with your theme. Lighting design adds contrast, highlights décor, and sets the tone of the event. Transform your venue into a spectacular show!


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